Tampa Staging is a Home’s “Packaging”

Staging is to a Tampa home what packaging is to a supermarket product: a vital element that can supersede all others. Product managers rely on advertising and marketing efforts to create awareness among consumers, just as homeowners use their Realtor’s marketing know-how (the listing, web page, signage and all their other advertising initiatives) to bring Read More »

The Tampa Mortgage Payment Detail that Many Overlook

It can be a true three-ring circus as you close in on signing day for your new Tampa home. Sometimes there’s a near-simultaneous sale of the previous house that demands attention. There are the timing issues connected with moving out and then moving in. You may be dealing with furnishing the new house, school schedules, Read More »

Flipping Tampa Real Estate vs. Buy-and-Hold

When you own the Tampa home your family lives in, you are by definition a real estate investor: it comes with the turf. Your investment is essentially a passive one. Until the day you decide to sell and move on, any improvement in its value is secondary to how well it serves to shelter your Read More »

Tampa Parents Consider Home Rental for College-Bound Kids

For many Tampa parents of high school seniors, these are hold-your-breath days—the time of year when college acceptance letters begin showing up in Tampa mailboxes. If all goes well, after settling on a school, next comes tackling the array of decisions that follow. Chief among them: where he or she will live. Many parents tend Read More »

Tampa Mortgage Down Payment Rules See Spring Turnaround

The first day of spring! The vernal equinox! This year, March 20 is the red-letter day on Tampa’s real estate calendar. It’s the nominal kickoff to the traditionally rambunctious spring selling season—historically, the go-go time of year. It’s when more homes come on the market, more prospective buyers come out to see them, and more Read More »

If History Plays Hob with a Tampa House for Sale

Would you buy a house where someone died? Would it make a difference if the death was peaceful or…otherwise? You might never have considered such questions, but the answers can become a serious issue for a Tampa house for sale—especially if it has a history that could be right out of a CSI episode. And Read More »

Are Tampa Home Values Connected to Starbucks? Really?

Starbucks will boost your home’s value? This was the “hot home-buying tip” splashed all over the airwaves at the end of last month—one that Tampa real estate watchers probably assumed had to be one of those weird, crazy coincidence feature stories that crop up from time to time. It was a little surprising that Zillow, Read More »

Tampa Real Estate and the Many “Months” of March

This March has been such a busy one on the Tampa real estate calendar that I thought it would be a good idea to double-check everything just to be certain I wasn’t overlooking any important happenings. It wasn’t just that the first day of spring on the 20th is the traditional start of what’s regularly Read More »

Relocating from Tampa is at Hand, Identifying the ‘Where’

Once you’re mentally prepared for the relocating experience (to self: “it’s definitely the right move”), where is the first order of business. Perhaps you’ve outgrown your Tampa home anyway—the family simply needs more space. Perhaps relocating is necessary for work reasons; or now that the kids have moved out, you’re ready to downsize. No matter Read More »

Selling Your Tampa House Means Raising its Emotional IQ

When it comes to selling your Tampa house, the first attributes that will bring in prospective buyers will be found in your listing description: size, location, and all the details that either match prospects’ wish lists (or don’t). Price is in there, too. Next comes curb appeal, which can turn on or turn off prospective Read More »