Why Does Buying or Selling a House have to be filled with so much anxiety?

How to Get Your Home Ready for Sale

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There’s so much information and advice for those entering the real estate market. You already know the importance of curb appeal and the benefits of fresh paint to spruce up the interior. These low-cost solutions are still as valid as they ever were. The odds are also that one of your first tasks may be a garage sale to rid yourself of accumulated possessions and to present a de-cluttered home. Whether downsizing or moving on up to accommodate a growing family, there are few who are exempt from the need to purge themselves of “stuff” that is just taking up space!

While certainly three of the top things to do, you may want to consider an even more tangible step in preparing your home for sale: have it pre-inspected. Having a pre-sale inspection provides you as the seller the opportunity to address any deficiencies; and once you’ve found your buyer it will likely keep the transaction moving along because you’ll have eliminated the “discovery” of issues as well as their subsequent reparation/negotiation.

A home inspection is an expenditure that can range from $250 to over $500 depending on where you live, the size of your home and the presence of other structures on the property. (We can give you a good idea of the cost based on your property.) It is however a valuable pre-emptive strike for several reasons. Your home’s future buyer is going to hire one, so with the insight you’ll glean from your inspector’s report, you’ll be rewarding yourself with a tremendous advantage. The fact is that even if you perform all of your home’s preventative maintenance in a timely fashion, there could always be unwelcome surprises lurking. Knowing about them ahead of time will be well worth the money.

Professional home inspectors can be meticulous; whether they are taking photographs or testing everything from appliances to outdoor irrigation systems. When your home’s major systems have been pre-inspected, you will find this process with the buyer less nerve-wracking. You’ll instead be able to approach the appointment with confidence as you’ll already possess a comprehensive understanding of your home’s condition.

So what possible outcomes can you expect after a pre-inspection? Your house gets a clean bill of health that reflects your commitment to its maintenance; or you obtain estimates to repair the discovered issues and use those costs in the final negotiations; or you just resolve whatever needs to be resolved and retain the work order receipt as part of the paperwork you transfer to the buyer.

Having a pre-inspection may not be something you want to spend your money on with all the other associated transaction expenses and your own rental/purchase/relocation costs. But we believe that an awareness of any potential outcome is worth whatever time and inspector fees you may have to pay.

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